The harvest is carried out by hand, in respect of the vine and the pace of growth and maturation of the grapes. From the middle of September you start harvesting the grapes for the production of Recioto and Amarone. Will be selected only the best grapes, totally intact and that have not yet reached full maturity: that is, those who will be able to sustain the long drying until January / February.

From early October is the time instead of the bunches ripe for the production of Valpolicella wines.


Passers by will catch the sweet, heady scent of grapes drying under the eaves. The harvest in Valpolicella is all done by hand with respect for the vines and the rhythms of their growing season. The vintage begins in mid September with grapes that are destined to become Recioto and Amarone. Only the best fruit is chosen; the healthiest bunches are picked just before the peak of their maturity for the lengthy drying process which continues through until the following January or February. By the beginning of October the rest of the crop is fully ripe and will be made into Valpolicella.


The new generation has enlarged the wine cellar. Building on the heritage and philosophy that they have received from their fore fathers. The latest technology has been incorporated into the traditions to improve the quality of the wine. Advanced technology, retail tasting and global exporting have become a way of live as well as a philosophy for the family for doing business.


We have opened the doors of our winery to more than just modern technology. A profound respect for our land and our vines has allowed us to embrace a new way of life and nowadays our wines are exported all over the world. The current members of the Recchia family: Riccardo, Guido, Chiara and Enrico, Roberto, Elisa and Luca, hold this respect as their guiding principle.

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The winery is situated where the Recchia family have always lived; the house itself has been re-structured and adapted to accommodate our wines and those who share their world. It's one and the same place. The land we own is the centre of our world. Our winery is spread over five levels, each of which is given over to a particular function of the production process. From the large open spaces where the grapes are dried, to the engine rooms where they are pressed and fermented and via underground aging cellars, we arrive at journeys end in the bottling hall. Beyond the final course of bricks, lie splendid cellars carved out of the tufa: this area is dedicated to the aging of fine red wines in oak barrels.


For several years, the company also makes use of a complete line of bottling, inside the cellar. This made it possible to directly control the entire production cycle, from grape growing marketing of our bottles.


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