"Cà Bertoldi" Amarone della Valpolicella D.o.c. Classico

Le Selezioni

In Jago, besides the Recchia winery, there is a precious little vineyard. Here the wine gets the name, character and quality of Amarone Ca' Bertoldi. It has perfect harmony between strength full bodied flavour at the highest level. This wine is slowly matured in large oak barrels, then left to rest in elegant bottles for years. It is ideal for meditation and to be tasted with old friends. Each time it is tasted it seems as though you are discovering a long lost love.

  • Deep ruby red color with garnet reflections.
  • Characteristic bouquet, intense, fruity, spicy.
  • Taste full, velvety, round, fruity.
  • 18°-20°C.
  • Red meats, roasts, grills, unsurpassed with hard cheeses too spicy. Inimitable pleased conversations between meals.
  • 16,5%vol
  • 750ml


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