"La Guardia" Recioto della Valpolicella D.o.c.G. Classico

Le Selezioni

It is difficult for the senses to forget this Recioto which is at the highest levels of complexity and structure. The very best grapes are laid to rest on reed beds until February. The must is slowly fermented giving it a wonderful aromatic flavour and taste. The wine is briefly left in oak barrels and finishes maturing in bottles. It is excellent at once and can be left for a decade without losing any of its special qualities.

  • Deep ruby red with violet riflections.
  • Cherries in alcohol spices and vanilla and chocolate.
  • Pleasant soft and full-bodied with delicate hint of cherries and soft chocolate.
  • 14°-18°C
  • Good with desserts, Pandoro di Verona, cakes and chocolate.
  • 13.5%vol
  • 500ml


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