"Le Vigne Bianche" Passito Bianco I.g.t.

Le Selezioni

It has the unforgetable elegance of a great wine. In a land that is noted for great red wines it is a white passito of strong characteristics but at the same time being sweet and delicate. Has been created. It is a refined gem that sommeliers and wine lovers appreciated for the way the flavour lingers on the palate for an interity. It is like a elegant lady who must be courted with patience and love.

  • Golden yellow
  • Vanilla, honey and a hint of orange blossoms, jam and nuts
  • Velvety and well rounded full-bodied taste with a fine balance between acidity and softness
  • 10°-14°C.
  • Good with Panettone and the Pandoro di Verona, sweetcream, desserts and chocolate. It can be served with cheeses and sweet mustards. It is wonderful contrast.
  • 13%vol
  • 500ml


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