Masùa di Jago

The Masua di Jago is in the heart of Valpolicella.
The Masua is the hill that divides the valley of Marano with the valley of Negrar. The Recchia family vineyards are situated on the south facing slopes of the valley. They catch the early morning sunrise but because of the flat slopes of the fields they also get the rays of the early evening sunset.
The fantastic position of the vineyards creates a classic wine. The flinty soils give the Recchia wines a special taste which when combined with the local scotch pines and cherry blossoms of the field creates fantastic wines.

Le Selezioni

The earth possesses the qualities which men must only try to comprehend. The wines offered by the Recchia vineyards are the reflection of our ancient knowledge of wine production converted into research and creation, founded on the careful study of the peculiarities of each grape.
This is how Selections was created: greatly prized and award-winning wines such as the Amarone Ca' Bertoldi, Recioto Classico, the elegant Passito Le Vigne Bianche, Valpolicella Ripasso Le Muraie and the Korvilot.

Poderi del Roccolo

Poderi del Roccolo is the jewel in the crown of the Recchia family. It is positioned high on the hills overlooking Lake Garda. The micro-climate of the lake is always warmer than the surrounding land and helps make exceptional wines.
The Poderi del Roccolo vineyard produces three special wines. Recchia Bardolino classico, Recchia Chiaretto, Recchia Custoza, Spumante Brut and Brut Rosè.

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